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£25m Safer Streets Fund Set Up To Fight Burglary & Theft

The government has unveiled £25 million in funding to help bring a halt to burglary and theft, crime that can really damage communities and cause very real misery to those targeted by such criminals.

The Safer Streets Fund will be put towards measures that are known to cut crime, such as locked gates around alleyways, CCTV installation and more street lighting, as well as training community wardens, setting up Neighbourhood Watch schemes and delivering local crime prevention advice to those who live in the area.

Kit Malthouse, crime and policing minister, explained that persistent burglary and street crime can have a “corrosive effect” on neighbourhoods, leaving residents “apprehensive” about going out, afraid of what might greet them when they return home.

“But simple modifications like better street lighting or CCTV can do a lot to prevent crime. So alongside more focussed thief-taking by the police, these projects should have a big impact on the communities hardest hit by burglars, robbers and villains in general,” he went on to say.

Luckily, these days, there’s a lot of technology available to both households and businesses alike to help protect their properties from burglary.

Smart security systems are now readily available so it’s just a matter of finding one that works for you. And you can also make excellent use of CCTV, motion-activated lights and even gravel driveways so you can hear if someone approaches. Do some research and see what could help make your home or business safer today.

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