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Bear Cubs Caught Fighting on Doorbell Security Camera

Two bear cubs fought on the doorstep of a California home, all caught on the homeowner’s access security doorbell camera.

Home security cameras are exceptionally useful for checking on any visitors who are at your doorstep to avoid cold callers or unwanted guests. However, a rather unusual pair of visitors appeared on the camera of a South Lake Tahoe resident.

Having been disturbed by banging and noises on his doorstep, 45-year-old Pedro Rosas checked his home security system and was surprised to find two bear cubs play fighting on the welcome mat, according to the Metro. One cub even pushed the other down the stairs.

The two ran up and down the stairs, past Mr Rosas’ car before being interrupted by a bigger intruder: the cubs’ mother. However, rather than break up the fight, she pushed past the pair and let them continue fighting.

Eventually one of the cubs scratched at the door and the pair ran off.

For Mr Rosas, this was not an entirely unusual thing; as he lived close to some mountains, bears were a common sight. According to him, however, they had never been right up to the front door.

In the end, it was a rather cute video that wouldn’t have been caught without a secure home. However, it does highlight the importance of doorbell cameras and security systems, as they can help identify potential threats to homes and business, even if in this case those threats came in the form of three-foot bundles of fur.