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Businesses Advised To Boost Security At Isolated Sites

With the evenings getting darker and the clocks due to go back in around one month’s time, it’s important to consider security at both your home and your business premises.

However, as the North Yorkshire Police recently noted, now is a good time to make sure that the security measures you have in place for your sites that are more isolated or rural are up to scratch.

The force issued the warning after police stopped a van that was full of suspected stolen building site machinery earlier this month.

A spokesperson for North Yorkshire Police said that building sites and compounds can be “vulnerable and attractive targets for criminals”.

“That’s why it’s important to take extra security measures. Wherever possible, keep vehicles, plant and power tools in a secure and well-lit area, preferably a garage or outbuilding. Consider CCTV, fuel cap alarms, cages and other security measures,” they asserted.

Security marking any valuable property is also recommended, not only because it makes it more difficult for thieves to sell it, but also because it’s easier for police forces to return it to their rightful owners if it’s recovered.

If you’re not sure how secure your location is, get in touch with us to arrange site security audits to ensure you’re doing everything possible to keep your premises and valuables safe. 

Earlier this year, the UK government established a £25 million fund to help combat burglary and theft and improve the security of neighbourhoods around the country. The Safer Streets Fund will be used to install CCTV and more street lighting, as well as training community wardens.