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Call Issued For Compulsory Slaughterhouse CCTV Cameras In Wales

The Welsh Conservatives have issued a call for the installation of commercial surveillance systems to be made compulsory in slaughterhouses in the country, a move that would bring Wales in line with both England and Scotland.

A Freedom of Information request to the Welsh government was made to find out how many businesses had applied for funding, Farmers Weekly reports, and it was discovered that just one application had been successful in receiving a payment.

The most recent statistics were published back in 2016, revealing that just eight out of the 23 slaughterhouses in operation in Wales had CCTV in place, including hte three largest sites in the country.

A representative from the Welsh government said the issue of animal welfare standards was taken very seriously throughout the entire food chain and the minister hasn’t yet ruled out legislation that would make CCTV cameras mandatory – but went on to add that these “cannot replace direct oversight” by management or official vets.

Janet Finch-Saunders, Welsh Conservatives’ shadow minister, said: “CCTV in slaughterhouses will ensure that mistreatment of animals is quickly detected and dealt with. 

“Not only will this bring our legislation in line with England and Scotland, it will also provide reassurance to the public that high animal welfare standards are being maintained throughout Wales.”

CCTV in slaughterhouses in England became compulsory in 2018, while Scotland followed suit in 2019. Official veterinarians now have unrestricted access to footage, which should go some way to reassure consumers that high welfare standards are being enforced.