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Protect your Family and Home. 

How far would you go to protect your Family and Home? 

Every year there are over 1 Million Burglaries or Attempted Burglaries in the Uk. Statistics show that Every 40 Seconds a burglary happens. These are not pre-planned but Opportunists!!!

Here are a few measures to keep your home safe:

• Always watch for prying eyes.
• Keep keys safe at all times.
• Install an Alarm – set up a security system that u can control & Access with your mobile.
• Outside lighting… get illuminated!!!
• Cctv- catch them on camera This means justice!
• Secure garages/sheds.
• Double Lock your front & back doors.
• Be smart in who you let into your home –
Do a background check. – Check I.D
• Make sure your windows and doors are strong. (Deadlocks)

These things can make a huge difference in your home and let you have peace of mind. Custom Access can help you with everything you need.

Just a click or a phone call away.  No Fuss No hassle.

Office: 01582524083 | Mobile / Out of hours: 07946400137