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What Is A Security Audit?

When it comes to ensuring your home is secure from criminals and burglars, there are many ways to improve your security and security systems.

However, making sure your security is not only adequate, but the focus of the security is on areas that could be potentially vulnerable. Making sure doors and windows are locked and valuables are kept out of sight is a bare minimum for keeping your home safe.

Security audits are typically conducted by security professionals who will come to your home to check the level of security you home would need and to find any vulnerabilities. You would then receive a report detailing the measures that need to be taken.

Here is what that is assessed and the steps to be taken

The vulnerable areas in the house are highlighted

The security auditors would arrive equipped with a checklist to allow them to assess the property in every possible way. This includes the locks on doors and windows, and how easily thieves can gain access to your home, garden, garage, etc.

The role of each member of your household

There could be times when the property owners or parents have other commitments that take them away, possibly leaving babysitters or older children at home. The auditors will assess if the person left in charge is capable of enabling any security systems or be capable of raising the alarm.

Measures to fix or improve security

The audit report will indicate any problem areas in and around the home. This could be such things as faulty locks, broken gates or fences/walls, damaged windows/doors, or external areas that require lighting.

The security steps to be taken

Once the audit is complete, the next step would be the installation of any required security systems. The most common types are alarm systems and CCTV. The effectiveness of CCTV systems can largely depend on the placement, making sure they can see any potential weak points, and also on the quality of the images captured to better identify any intruders.

If you would like an on-site security audit for your home or business, get in touch today.