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What To Do If Your Home Is Burgled

Returning home to a ransacked house is everyone’s worst nightmare. The idea of strangers running rampant through your home when you’re not there can be very hard to come to terms with.

But unfortunately, burglary is a sad reality of life, so it’s important that you know what to do in the event that your home is targeted by intruders.

Call the police first, before you do anything else, and if you think the burglar could possibly still be inside, make sure you don’t enter the property until the police arrive.

It’s also important to remember that, when you do enter the house, you don’t touch anything at all, as police will need to be able to look for fingerprints, footprints and so on, and you don’t want to contaminate the evidence.

You’ll need to make a note of any stolen property or any damage caused by the burglars, so go through the house checking each room and making a list as you go. Your insurance company will need this list later down the line.

And make sure you phone your bank if any of your debit or credit cards have been taken, as well as any devices like laptops, phones or tablets.

Once the dust has settled somewhat, you’ll need to make your home secure once again, fixing any damaged doors or windows. Police may be able to point out other weak areas around the house that could be bolstered, as well.

Residential security systems can also serve as a very real deterrent and burglars are more likely to move on elsewhere if they see these in place.